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Our Instructors
Our Instructors

Ross Martial Arts & Fitness Academy offers Nationally Certified Instructors with the American Sport TaeKwondo Union and/or other assiociations, including American Combat Sports Union, the Yamasaki Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Organization, the International Sports Science Association, and NESTA.

Our skills and knowledge of OVER 20 + yrs of Martial Arts experience is incorporated into each and every one of our classes.  

All of our Instructors and/or Coaches place a strong emphasis on discipline and respect and look forward to serving you.  All Our teaching is done as if we were working with our own family.

Ronda Ross Russell
Position: Head TKD Instructor, Head Kickboxing Coach, BJJ Instructor, Head Fitness Trainer, & Co-Owner Martial Arts Ranks: 7th Dan Master ASTU TKD Black Belt; Yamasaki BJJ Purple Belt, Muay Thai coach Years Training: 20+ years

Mr. Jay Russell
Position - Head BJJ Instructor, TKD Instructor, Head MMA Coach, Kickboxing Coach, Fitness Trainer, and Co-owner Martial Arts Rank - 4th Dan Master ASTU TKD Black Belt, Seishin Juku and Kyokushin Karate Black Belt, Yamasaki BJJ Purple Belt,

Mr. Ronald Ross
9th Dan Grand Master TaeKwonDo Instructor; BJJ Blue Belt; Kickboxing and MMA Coach; Strength Conditioning Coach; Power Lifting Coach

Daniel Alexander
Position MMA Coach, BJJ Coach, Fitness Trainer Martial Arts Rank - Yamasaki BJJ Purple Belt Fight Record - - - - MMA 5-1 - - - 145 pounds FL Title Belt Champion

Jake Duke
Position - Assist. TaeKwonDo Instructor and Red Sr. TKD Belt

Tristen Fitz-Gerald
Position - Youth Asst. BJJ Coach Martial Arts Ranks - Yamasaki BJJ Blue Belt, TKD Blue Belt Instructors and Mentors Additional Education and/or Certifications Awards - - - - Several Time State Semi-Full Contact Kickboxing Champion & grappling champ

Mrs. Gaile Ross
Master TKD Instructor 6th Degree Dan

Terry Vice
Name Terry Vice Position assist Boxing Coach