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American Style Kickboxing is a great form of striking! This style of kickboxing is taught in conjunction with our TaeKownDo program.  Because it is very important for beginning martial artists to learn and develop good form with their skills (If a student learns bad technique,  he or she will be vulnerable if attacked) we focus on foundation and technique!  No student starts out sparring in the TKD classes, each student progresses at his/her own rate, but eventually, the student's skills must also be perfected by sparring with other students. By sparring with other students, a student's skills will be much more effective in a street altercation and/or a ring fight. At Ross,  this can be done safely, and it can be a lot of fun. While Kickboxing Fitness is very popular at many gyms (including here at Ross) to get in better physcial shape, REAL American Style Kickboxing, is NOT a fitness program, it IS for the students interested in learning "real" kickboxing whether for self-defense or for competition!  Students learn and develop practical fighting skills. Many of our Trainers have competed in Kickboxing Tournaments (both American & International Rules) but not all students in our TKD/KB classes want to compete in Kickboxing, but rather they're training to defend themselves against street violence.


Muay Thai , freely translated as Thai-style boxing, is one of the toughest stand upcontact sport in the world today. It evolved from a warrior art to be the national sport of Thailand today. This devastating martial art combines western style boxing with elbow and knee strikes and a unique method of kicking with maximum power and is a great compliment for the advanced TKD student who wishes to compete. Muay Thai (as ALL our ROSS Combat Sports classes) has a heavy focus on body conditioning.  Muay Thai has influenced fighting styles around the world from the US to Holland to even K1.  Our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes offer a student the opportunity to learn an effective striking art while getting adding technical focus and offering advanced kickboxing and sparring!  Many of our Trainers have years of Muay Thai training experience under some of the best Muay Thai Kru's/Instructors.  

Youth Kickboxing

Ages 7-12yrs old
Adult Kickboxing

Adult Kickboxing Ages 13yrs & up