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Our Mixed Martial Arts Classes will show true improvement in your fight game!
Beginner MMA Program Days/Times: **Wed @8pm & Fri @6:30pm (this includes IRON HOUSE Combat Sports Strength/Cond. program, No Gi wrestling/BJJ & Muay Thai kickboxing)
Adv. MMA Program Days/Times: **Mon/Wed/Fri @ 6:30pm, & 8pm (includes Gi & No Gi BJJ/Wrestling, Muay Thai and Adv. MMA classes for Fight Prep as well as the IRON HOUSE Combat Sports Strength & Cond. program!)  
**Tue/Thur. @ 6:30pm & 8pm (includes, TKD & American Kickboxing and Adv. BJJ classes and No Gi classes)
Our MMA Classes are run by REAL fighters, with years of training and coaching experience!! So If you are preparing for an MMA Fight coming up our Adv. MMA class is a MUST!! And If you are NEW to the Fight game then our Beg. MMA program is for YOU!!
**Come and join as a Team Ross fighter or simply join the class as an independent fighter, but everyone is welcome!
**Even IF you have NO experience in any combat sport (BJJ, KB, Boxing) BUT you are Interested in becoming an MMA Fighter, Our School has ALL you need to GET There!! We can give you a free consultation and see where your weaknesses and strengths are and help you get ready for the 'Fight Game'!
We also offer full cornering and weight & conditioning programs for ALL our Ammy fighters for NO additional charge! (cornering and conditioning programs for Pro Fighters & for non-Ross members are available through 'fight camp' packages)
Come Check Us OUT & And Schedule a FREE class Today!
Ross Martial Arts & Fitness Academy HWY 80 East Demopolis, AL 334-289-9775
So whether you Have already fought in MMA, Muay Thai, Kickboxing or Submission Grappling, but just need some additional training to push you over the top for your Next competition?? OR you're looking to debut your first MMA fight, Try Ross MA & Fit Academy!! We have Skill Training and LIVE Sparring and Drills to help you NOT ONLY get into GREAT Shape for a Fight, but Improve your Fighting Skills!


Mixed Martial Arts
6:3pm ADV MMA & 8pm ALL MMA6:30pm & 8pm ADV MMA6:30pm ADV MMA & 8pm ALL MMA6:30pm ADV MMA6:30pm ALL MMA (MT, BJJ & MMA)